GeMatrix Background

The founder, Tom Snyder, formed his technical career with analysis and programming experience in large development environments.

He became a consultant early in his career and achieved executive roles in both software and consulting organizations. His consulting career included engagements analyzing and building several data synchronization solutions across multiple application and hardware platforms. Tom also has in-depth experience in B2B data exchange through EDI solutions.

Tom expanded his consulting leadership skills by then building and managing an AS/400 boutique consulting group of over 20 consultants, primarily servicing many manufacturing, distribution and financial organizations in the Northeast, US.

These experiences provided Tom the invitation to include a training skill in his professional, teaching for both RPI in Hartford, CT and IBM Learning Services in NYC.

GeMatrix was formed in 1999 as a boutique consulting organization, with a focus on executive consulting management, EDI Integration Consulting and Secure Code development and training.

Our initial engagement was an executive management position directing global technical services across 4 continents for a software company.

From this international exposure, Tom managed a team that built and deployed a Java/Java EE boot camp where we trained over a thousand software developers.

Tom then directed the software efforts that built a web based product database and search engine for venture capitalists and technology companies.

Tom then designed and product managed a web based inventory tracking system and collaborative trade board for a purposes of trading carbon credits and achieving green energy chain of custody compliance.

We've expanded our software solutions from the internet to the mosquito net and have taken our expertise and travel to Uganda, Africa, analyzing and developing exciting mobile data capturing solutions.

Our technical training footprint has also expanded from instructor led to include both video and on-demand learning. We've built on-demand video training for both SOA and Web Application Security. We are also excited to pilot our 1st phase of the GeMatrix Virtual Academy in 2016.

We've achieved so much, yet, as we can't be everything to all people, we succeed at being a top notch consulting group where we excel in two converging consulting practices: Application Security & Performance Compliance Consulting and Integration & Data Consulting.

Come join us today as a client or consultant, we'd love to discuss all opportunities.

GeMatrix Vision

GeMatrix is dedicated to solving nagging problems and improving processes using innovative services and training.

GeMatrix Mission

Provide paths to empowerment by removing barriers to change.

GeMatrix Values

Build sustainable trust in every action and conversation.

GeMatrix Culture

Our consultants succeed through sustained advancement in knowledge and skills that map to high market awareness while we thrive in giving back globally.

GeMatrix Give Back Initiative

From our knowledge of building mobile solutions, GeMatrix gives back and powers the Smartstainable women's empowerment program.

If you ever visited a rural village in Uganda, you would know what a great program this is and you also would be so proud of the ladies who are making this happen.

You would also understand that women's empowerment and global health are at an important intersection point towards community, district and country positive change.

Our ideas are a bit out there, but why not?

last updated : May 26, 2016